17th Grand Wine Experience

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The stage is again being set for the biggest gathering of oenophiles and epicureans alike in the 17th Grand Wine Experience (GWE) on November 24, 2017. Annually organized by the Philippine Wine Merchants – one of the biggest distributors of wines and spirits in the country – this year’s GWE promises to top what it has done for the past 16 years as affirmed by Mr. Ronnie L. Joseph (RLJ) – Director of PWM. He is one of the brood of four brothers responsible for leveling up the Filipinos’ appreciation of the significant and delicate relationship between wine and food. Being an oenophile himself and a hands-on leader in the family’s corporation, RLJ makes sure that all the important details of the preparation for each GWE event go through his careful watch, akin to how a winemaker is heavily involved in the creation of his wine masterpieces.

Dubbed as “Dégustation”, the 17th GWE commits itself to provide a sensational experience to all its guests. An experience that only great food and amazing wines enjoyed with a wonderful company can bring. It is readying itself to ensure that every bite, every sip, and every interaction all go in perfect harmony to deliver an experience worth treasuring for a lifetime. Sharing stories is at the core of the GWE and RLJ vows to provide an environment where the guests and their stories will be connected with each toast. Apart from bringing in people together, the past GWE events have proven to be instrumental in fostering a unique bond among its guests. It does not matter if one is from the wine industry or not, The GWE will definitely make you open yourself up to establishing connections with people one probably thinks is impossible to make.

For those who have been already wowed by the past GWE events, this year’s occasion guarantees to bring the best of what has been, together with new and great surprises. Guests, and more importantly their palates, will still be treated to the finest wines from Chile’s First Ultra Premium Winery – Montes, to the world-renowned Torres vineyard and winery; Australia’s oldest Family-owned vineyard, Yalumba; and New Zealand’s Monkey Bay to name a few. The 17th GWE will still stay true to its mission to continue to educate all its stakeholders in the art of drinking and dining. RLJ assures that this year’s GWE event will continue to be a venue for its guest to interact; share stories; enjoy sumptuous meals and drinks; deepen their appreciation for the wines that have been part of their dining culture; as well as open themselves up to new and exciting possibilities that are sure to wow their taste buds.

In case one has not had a taste of this amazing gustatory and social experience, this is the best time to immerse oneself in this once-a-year affair that has been consistently making people come back from all over the world. Remember the saying “you only regret the chances you didn’t take”? Well, in the case of The 17th Grand Wine Experience, it is not simply a chance that one losses for not attending. It is the opportunity to feed your body, mind, and heart altogether.

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